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If you want clarity in any area of your life, an Energy Reading can help you find peace, ease and ways to move forward. 


How does an Energy Reading work?

We are all connected, always. My antennas are fine tuned - to me, doing a reading is like listening to the radio station of you. I read your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energy fields, and see your strengths, patterns and blockages clearly.

You can either send specific questions or life areas you want to focus on before our session, or keep it open and let whatever is needed come up.


During the session you can ask questions, and you will receive specific suggestions on how to move forward in the time to come.


The reading is done via Zoom. You will recieve a recording of session after.


Devan Pratt

Wow wow wow! I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Kari and I am in utter awe. It was such a beautiful and emotional reading. I can't stop thinking about it!".


The reading with Kari was amazing and it made so much fall into place for me. It was exactly what I needed to get clear on what to focus on in the coming months, to get to where I want to be. Kari made me feel safe and motivated to continue  to walk on my own path, and I cannot recommend her enough.

C. A

After the reading my whole body feels lighter and in a way I feel like I’ve been released from captivity. My head is clearer than in a long time, and I see the next 15 months very clearly. I’ve gotten a new focus, and I feel like I am open to new possibilities. 

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Self investment for 1 hour session: 2400 NOK.