Hi there!


I'm Kari, an Intuitive Mentor & Coach dedicated to helping you make your life feel amazing. 



"I highly recommend working with Kari. She has such a straightforward, easy to grasp approach to mindfulness and self-care. Her Joy Quest is contagious and I love it."

Lina A.

"Wow wow wow! I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Kari and I am in utter awe. It was such a beautiful and emotional reading. I can't stop thinking about it!"

Devan Pratt 

What if FEELING GOOD was the most important thing we could do for ourselves and others? 

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About Me

Hi there - I'm Kari, and Intuitive Mentor and Coach. I coach, guide and assist beautiful beings into being who they truly are. My biggest passion is to help people live lives that FEELS good to them - not only lives that looks good from the outside...

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