Hi there!


Hi there, friend


Nothing is more meaningful to me than contributing to making your life feel better.

Today I live a life I absolutely love - but it has not always been like that... 

I spent my teenage years and early twenties travelling the world as a professional snowboarder. Even though I was living a life that many would describe as a dream life, I struggled with low self-worth and constantly compared myself to others. This led me to a burnout; I could barely walk outside or cross the street. But through snowboarding I also had my first experiences with working with the mind, and how we can visualize our way to better performance. My fascination for the plasticity of our minds grew strong, and I've been a total self-development nut ever since! 


After several injuries during my snowboarding career, I began my journey towards a Master's Degree in Architecture. The struggles with my own self-worth kept lurking in my subconscious mind, which led to several burn-outs and odd bodily responses to the stress during my studies.

I've always been a very sensitive being. In my teenage years, I had trouble distinguishing what was mine and what was other peoples energy. Combined with low self-worth, this made daily life quite painful. ​I spent a decade suppressing my greatest gift - the ability to tune into other peoples energy field and provide them with useful information they can use to better their lives. 

Being a highly sensitive empath was something I struggled with - until I made it my superpower. 

I did not feel completely at peace within the realm of architecture. During my studies, I kept educating myself as a coach on the side, and fine-tuning my sensitive abilities. Today, I have made my super sensitive antennas my superpower. I love coaching, guiding and assisting people to feel more at ease in themselves. I love working with energy and connecting with the universe.

I spent a decade searching for my own worthiness and power. With the support of coaches and therapists, I've faced the darkest depths of my soul. And today life feels better than ever. 

My favorite life philosophy is;  always navigate towards what brings you joy.


I truly believe that our emotions are our greatest guidance system - and that by navigating towards what feels good, our lives will become meaningful and satisfying. 

Xoxo Kari