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Are you wondering if the career path you are currently on is the right one for you?


Maybe you go to work every day feeling like there must be something more for you out there. Or maybe you are passionate about many things, but you feel unsure about what to go forward with.

In a Soul & Career Reading I tune into your energy field and see the most aligned way for you to move forward in your life and in your career. I tune in on what you are on the planet to do, and what steps to take next.


I believe you have something unique to contribute to the world.

 And I truly believe that for you to be able to do the best work you can, and to make the world a better place in your unique way, you need to feel deep within that you are on the right track.



In a Soul & Business Reading I help you see yourself and your gifts clearly.

Sometimes there are only some small changes that need to be done for you to get on the track that feels the most aligned for you. Sometimes there are bigger changes that are inevitable for you to be happy and satisfied in the long run. No matter what – we will go straight to the core of your soul and gain the clarity you have been missing.


How I work: 

My antennas are fine tuned - to me, doing a reading is like listening to the radio station of you. I am a psychic intuitive, which means see, hear and feel aspects of the past, present and future, both in the physical and the spiritual realm. I read energy, which enables me to understand and see clearly which path, choice or option will be most beneficial to move forward with, both for your soul and your business.

You are here to do great things in the world. I am here to help you leap forward.

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