Meet Kari

an Intuitive Mentor & Coach dedicated to helping you make your life feel amazing. 

Coaching x Mentoring

We are not meant to do everything on our own.


We are all here to do our part in life.

Kari´s mission and purpose is to help you feel so worthy, so secure, so safe in yourself, that you can go make the world a better place - just by being yourself.

All you need is you

Through Kari´s work, and your participation, you can take the step and invest in the most valuable thing you will ever know, you.

Give yourself the support you deserve.


Consciously Kari will adapt, adjust and refine the tools to help you guide to what best serves you. 


Guiding you through Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Visualizations and Mindset-work with the spiritual aspect, she will help you find your path and alignment.

Take the driver seat in your life and start by bringing along the best coach along for the ride. 



The reading with Kari was amazing and it made so much fall into place for me. It was exactly what I needed to get clear on what to focus on in the coming months, to get to where I want to be. Kari made me feel safe and motivated to continue  to walk on my own path, and I cannot recommend her enough.


The reading with Kari left me feeling so excited about the future - more than I have ever felt before!  

I have never felt as «seen», and that is totally crazy thinking that she really doesn’t know me!

Helene Ragnhild

My reading with Kari felt so safe and warm, I felt seen and empowered. I was able to get clear on my next step, feel secure about my choices and free to move forward.


I highly recommend <3

Want to learn more about Kari ? 

She has spent a decade searching for her own worthiness and power.

With the support of coaches and therapists,

Kari has faced the darkest depths of her soul. And today life feels better than ever.