Coaching & Mentoring

We are not meant to do everything on our own. We are all here to do our part in 

My mission and purpose is to help you feel so worthy, so secure, so safe in yourself, that you can go make the world a better place - just by being yourself.


take the step and invest in the most valuable thing you can ever invest in?  give yourself the support you deserve?


I mix mindset-work with the spiritual aspect. 

In our sessions, we always take the whole of you into consideration; we look at your mindset, your history and tap into your core being and your souls purpose. 

Why work with an intuitive coach? 

As an intuitive energy reader, I have the ability to go straight to the core of YOU. Where are you holding yourself back? What are your patterns and how can you move out of them?


This allows change to happen fast - as well as respecting and taking into consideration that change takes time and should be done both gently and a little boldly.  


Togheter we go straight to the core of your soul. 


I have to different 3 month coaching packages; Grounded Being and Shooting Star.


3 months provides time to create transformation. 

Are you ready to get the support you deserve?

Invest in yourself.

Grounded Being

A 3 month coaching experience for you

- build self worth

- find your way in life

- find your passions. 

Shooting Star

A 3 month coaching experience for you